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We are a fully integrated Mexican pharmaceutical company, located in the state of Jalisco, where R&D, full manufacturing, and QA works are carried out.

Committed to the quality, safety and efficacy of our pharmaceutical products, and backed by a team of qualified professionals, we thoroughly take care of all aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing in support of human healthcare.

We manufacture injectable solutions, emulsions and freeze-dried drug products in glass vials and prefilled syringes as well as ophthalmic, otic and nasal solutions and emulsions in polyethylene bottles.

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Our mission is to manufacture high specialty drugs, based on the demand of healthcare professionals. We use pharmaceutical research and development, complying with the regulations, to offer quality products with the expected therapeutic, preventive or rehabilitative effect.
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Our goal

Our goal is to become one of the most important pharmaceutical specialty companies in the local and international markets, recognized for the quality of its products.

Production area

Our Quality Policy

At DEFSA Laboratories we develop, manufacture and commercialize freeze-dried drugs for the human health market, following the strictest quality, safety and efficacy criteria for our pharmaceutical products. This is achieved through a continuous improvement process established by the Quality Management System and, also, thanks to a highly trained and committed work team. We can ensure the satisfaction of our costumers by commiting not only to comply but rather exceed all applicable local and international regulations, always striving for positive results in the quality of life of patients. We are confident of achieving our goal by exercising 5H our core values, integrating teamwork, respect for people and the environment.

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Products and Services CDMO
Contract Development and Manufacturing 

Propofol Defsa
DEFSA Laboratories offers contract development and manufacturing services (CDMO) for pharmaceutical and biotech products in the following presentations: Injectable and prefiled syringe solutions, emulsions and freeze-dried drugs in glass vials and prefilled syringes as well as ophthalmic, otic and nasal solutions and emulsions in polyethylene bottles.

We put at your disposal our modern pharmaceutical plant for the development, manufacturing and packaging of your products in compliance with the highest standards, local and international.

In addition to the production plant, we have a QA laboratory for physical, chemical and microbiology analyses equipped with the most modern equipment to guarantee comprehensive contract development and manufacturing services for your products.

Injectables products

Freeze-dried products

Prefiled Syringes



Our modern pharmaceutical plantof our CDMO company, situated in the state of Jalisco, is equipped with the cutting-edge technology with fully automated processes to ensure efficient and safe manufacturing of our pharmaceutical products.



Our CDMO production capability is spread across 1600 m2 of production area, with strict QA control of all processes. There are special areas for aseptic processing of sterile drugs in injectable and freeze-dried vials, polyethylene bottles and prefilled syringes. There are also areas for secondary packaging, warehouses for storage of supplies and finished product, as well as quality control area for physical, chemical and microbiological analyses of manufactured drugs.



We have advanced equipment such as:

Purified Water (PW), Distilled Water (WFI), and
Pure Steam (PS) production and distribution loops.
HVAC systems
Vial washer
Sterilization tunnel
Filler / Capper / Crimper
Inspection unit

Pharmacovigilance in DEFSA

Pharmacovigilance is considered as one of the activities of the public health service, aimed at the detection, identification, quantification, evaluation and prevention of possible risks arising from the use of drugs and vaccines in humans. We consider this activity as one of shared responsibility among all agents within the National Health System related to drugs and vaccines. These include healthcare professionals, R&D facilities, institutions that carry out research on human beings, pharmaceutical companies with product registry, and distribution companies.

Based on the above, Pharmacovigilance requires the collaboration of the member countries of the International Drug Monitoring Program, of which Mexico is a member; and, therefore, it depends on the commitment and responsibility of each and every one of the healthcare professionals, to obtain positive results and benefits for humanity.

At DEFSA Laboratories, we are a CDMO company committed to cooperating with timely reports to local and global authorities to monitor the products we manufacture.

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At DEFSA, we understand that sustained growth is only achieved through knowledge and teamwork.

Our leadership is based, therefore, on a high-performance team that is aligned with our search for a continuous improvement.

That is why we undertake the commitment to incorporate, keep and develop competent professionals, maintaining a positive and productive work environment.

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